Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: Lumene Natural Code Mineral Shimmer Highlighter

So I have another obsession. It is the highlighters. Oh. I just cannot resist any glowy shiny sparkly illuminating powders that gives me that extra fresh glow on my face. And I don't even need the extra glow because of my super oily skin! But, as usual, I overdo the highlighting too so I tend to sweep the illuminating powders all over my face in stead of just sweeping them lightly on my cheekbones.

Maybe I'll make a post and show all my highlighers. But then I actually would know myself how many (too many) highlighter there actually is in my makeup closet...

Enough with the rambling, I wanted to introduce you one of my highlighters, this is Lumene Natural Code's Mineral Shimmer Highlighter.

It's a light beige, suitable for every skin tone. It has a golden shimmer and it is on the edge of beeing too sparkly at least for my taste. It has a similar finish to MAC's MFS Soft and gentle, I think. This highlighter is not actually all mineral but it's free form talc and parabens.

Mineral Shimmer Highlighter retails for about 9€. I think Lumene's Natural Code products are not available internationally though.
Definitely not the best highlighter I own but it does its job just fine with affodrdable price! I usually use this for the night or evening looks because of the visible shimmers. I really prefer the very fine milled highlighters that does not have big shimmers in it, like for example the NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter. I have used like 3 of them, it is my all time favourite and very affordable too.

Here's the swatch:

So that's it for now. Coming up another haul (how refreshing) and a review on my new love that I've found. Let's just say the very best blush of all may just have been found.

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