Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: NYX Rouge Cream Blushes


Today I decided to review my NYX Rouge Cream Blushes that I bought some while ago. Always looking for the perfect one, so surely I had to give a try to the cream ones too. I’ve been trying to figure out whether I like these or not. I got the shades Golden and Boho Chic.

NYX Rouge Cream Blushes, left Boho Chic and right Golden

I ordered these from Cherry Culture, it is my go to-place when it comes to NYX Cosmetics.

I first ordered the shade Golden. It has a pink tone to it, but it is more on the bronzy side. It has a golden fine shimmer. I like this a lot.

I like the consistency, it is, like the name says, very creamy. On bare skin, it blends very nicely. In these pictures the blushes are swatched very heavily.

After Golden I wanted another one, so with my next order came the Boho Chic. It is a rosey pink color with golden shimmer. Actually these are the only shades with shimmer, all the other colors don’t have it as far as I know. Boho Chic looks pretty on my pale skin.

These blushes have nice pigmentation and they are just so pretty!

The problem that I have with these is blending. I have oily and acne prone skin with old acne scars and I have to layer foundation and then powder very thoroughly to make my face look decent. After powdering I've had some trouble making these blushes blend in a nice way. I have tried blending with my fingers, with a blush brush and a duo fiber stippling brush. I have tried applying these before powdering but then you kind of loose the glowy look they give you because I have to apply powder on my face anyway. Maybe I just need to use these more to get used to the creamy consistency. I must admit I haven't really used these as much as they deserve to be used! You know, because they are very pretty and lovable.

You can also use these as a base for your powder blush, it really makes the color pop out! For a makeup that should last all day or night this is a recommended way to do it to make it last.

NYX Rouge Cream Blushes retail for about $6 and are worth the money absolutely. Nice pigment and lasts all day, I'd pay $6 for that!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Make Up Store blush Matt Glory

This is love.

Could this be The perfect blush I've been looking for sooo long? It was on a bright fall day not so long ago. I was about to leave for work, but I had enough time to visit one store. Of course it had to be the cosmetic counters in my favorite department store. Went to see if there was nothing that I hadn't already seen. And there it was. This cool pink blush by the Make Up Store counter. It was so different from the other ones I already had. But then...I left it there. Just like that. I thought about it the whole work day. I even had a 20% off coupon for it.

Thank goodness, next morning the crazy fog had lifted and I went to get it.

Here it it's, the blush that looks PERFECT on me. The Make Up Store's Matt Glory.

I now know what was the problem with my pink blushes before, why they looked so dirty on me. They are all too warm! More purple toned cool pink colors apparently suit me way better than the warm ones. I wish, I really really whis I would have realized this before all the 20 warm blushes and before all the money I spent on those blushes. I showed you the purple blush I got from MAC and said it is too purple for me. Maybe I need to give it another try! And I actually thought I knew something about matching colors for your skin tone...

Here's the swatch:

What a sweet color. This blush is very pigmented like the MUS blushes usually are. It is very soft, almost creamy, and it applies very nicely. You have to do a lot of blending though because it is so pigmented that you could have the clown effect very easily. Now, I personally don't have a problem with the clown effect...

This retails for 18€ / $23.50 It is a bit pricey but it also has high quality. I really would recommend this if you are looking for a cool pink blush. Worth every penny.

There is only one but (as always). There are no shimmers in it, which I would like with this one. I guess the name Matt Glory should have given me a some kind of hint...This blush could easily be the winner!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Haul! Yes, I know I have a problem.


There's a sale at, so I...caved in. Of course I did. I ordered these three items that I actually needed. Ok I didn't need the highlighter from Too Faced but what do you know I got it anyway :)

I got the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I'm so bummed, I got irritation from my Urban Decay Primer Potion which is such a shame because it is the best primer out there. But I had to get rid of it and now I'm going to try the Shadow Insurance. I have heard good things about this, so I'm looking forward trying this. One reason why my eyes got irritaded from the UDPP was the not so hygienic bottle with the wand. It is not good to dip the dirty wand into the bottle one time after another. The Shadow Insurance has more hygienic tube, so let's hope this won't irritate my eyes.

The other thing that I got was the Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube. I have liked the UD Allnighter setting spray, so I decided to order the De-Slick In A Tube because my GOSH Foundation Primer is about to run out and I'm hoping this will work as a primer. Let's see if this helps with my oily skin. A review is coming up on the Allnighter and this.

Then I rewarded myself with this awsome Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Illuminating Powder. Yes, another highlighter! I will write a review on this soon. So pretty! I'm a sucker for a cute packaging. It was the main reason I got this.

And also right this moment I have the Too Faced Glamour To Go Fairy Edition palette on my shopping bag. I think I just must get it. I left it out last time, now it is just...oh I have a serious problem. Or should I get the other Holiday 2010 palette, the Pixie Pin-ups? I really must look into those.

Review: Lumene Natural Code Mineral Shimmer Highlighter

So I have another obsession. It is the highlighters. Oh. I just cannot resist any glowy shiny sparkly illuminating powders that gives me that extra fresh glow on my face. And I don't even need the extra glow because of my super oily skin! But, as usual, I overdo the highlighting too so I tend to sweep the illuminating powders all over my face in stead of just sweeping them lightly on my cheekbones.

Maybe I'll make a post and show all my highlighers. But then I actually would know myself how many (too many) highlighter there actually is in my makeup closet...

Enough with the rambling, I wanted to introduce you one of my highlighters, this is Lumene Natural Code's Mineral Shimmer Highlighter.

It's a light beige, suitable for every skin tone. It has a golden shimmer and it is on the edge of beeing too sparkly at least for my taste. It has a similar finish to MAC's MFS Soft and gentle, I think. This highlighter is not actually all mineral but it's free form talc and parabens.

Mineral Shimmer Highlighter retails for about 9€. I think Lumene's Natural Code products are not available internationally though.
Definitely not the best highlighter I own but it does its job just fine with affodrdable price! I usually use this for the night or evening looks because of the visible shimmers. I really prefer the very fine milled highlighters that does not have big shimmers in it, like for example the NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter. I have used like 3 of them, it is my all time favourite and very affordable too.

Here's the swatch:

So that's it for now. Coming up another haul (how refreshing) and a review on my new love that I've found. Let's just say the very best blush of all may just have been found.