Monday, August 9, 2010

Small Urban Decay haul!

I wanted to show you what the nice mailman brought me the other day! I ordered from Look Fantastic some Urban Decay goodies.

I picked the Glide on 24/7 pen in shade Zero which is a deep black color. I have read some great reviews on this pen and it has gotten in many beauty bloggers HG lists. I just couldn’t resist, there was still room in my makeup closet for the perfect pen. I’ve had some trouble with the waterline, nothing really has ever stayed on more than 2 hours.

But this thing really works! It stays on and on and on. I didn’t have any expectations about this, if it lasted through a 5 hour workday on my waterlines, then I would have been satisfied. But it actually did stay on for a 9 hour workday too! I am very pleased with this for now. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t lose its magic.

The other thing that I got was the Urban Decay makeup setting spray, All Nighter. I was in need of a setting spray, in fact I had never even had one. I have very oily skin and now that I think about it I should have had something like this for years now. But no! Actually UD has a setting spray specially for oily skin, but Look Fantastic did not have that and I could not find it anywhere else that delivers to Finland. (And now I’m thinking I still can’t believe I don’t have an eBay account).
This setting spray promises 16 oil free hours. 16! That is a lot and I don’t really think it is going to work for that long, especially on my very oily skin. I would be happy if it gave me 3-4 shine free hours. Usually I have like 20 minutes before the oil breakage starts. I don’t really like my acne prone skin that much. I have to do so much extra work to keep my skin looking decent compared to a person with normal skin type. I’m jealous to all you lucky girls out there that don’t have this problem. Yes, you are lucky!
I have only tried this for couple of times, so I can’t say yet if it really works. I’m going to do a review on this in few weeks and then we’ll see about that 16 hours!

That’s it for now!

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