Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Benefit Coralista (my first Benefit!)


I have only just recently discovered the wonderful world of Benefit Cosmetics. These products have been blazed about in the beauty blogs for ages, but just now I've got my hands on my first Benefit blush. Or someone could call them beauty powders I guess.

This baby landed in my makeup closet just the other day and boy was I excited! I waited the mailman to bring me this so badly that every day when I heard him moving in the hallway I went waiting by the door with my hands reached out ready to catch the package.

It is so pretty. First, the packaging! Surely I had seen the packaging before in other blogs and websites, but never live. You see we don’t have Benefit here in Finland. But it is so pretty with the leopard printing and the colors and everything. Makes you wanna put it in a class bottle and never let anyone touch it with slimy fingers!

Inside you can find this brush that comes with the blush, but I don’t really think it is very usable. And if you don’t use it, it is just in the way.

But look at the color of this baby!! It is shimmery coral pink. The consistency is quite smooth, it doesn’t apply very heavily but is buildable. The shimmers are quite subtle.

I don’t think this is that pigmented though. It is buildable and also can be used as an all over face powder or to give your cheekbones just a little highlight. Works for me!

But once again, this is SO not the right color for me. And once again I’m little sad about this. But I had it coming, I just never learn! But because this is not that pigmented and it is shimmery, I have used this as a highlight color and an all over powder on my face to give me that nice dewy look that I’m very fond of. And it works perfectly like that for me, so this pretty thing will definitely be loved and used.
Now I just must have the Benefit Thrrrob. And maybe the highlighter/bronzer 10 too…and Dandelion..

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