Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It’s HAUL time for sure!


So I had a wish list. It was as long as the…ok it was long. And I’ve been working so hard lately and haven’t even had time to spend all that money that does not fit into my wallet! So, then came the day off. And I have my wish list. Hmm, and I wonder…oh no. I didn’t spend much time thinking whether I should go and do some shopping or stay home and clean. Even the rainstorm didn’t stop me! Off to the center it was.

I was in need of a new contouring brush. And when a makeup addict says she is in need of something, most of the time that is not even close to the truth. But I really wanted a new contouring brush with soft bristles and good quality, so I decided to get the Grimas one. Grimas is a Dutch professional makeup brand with low prices but very good quality. This brush only lightened my wallet for 11,15 €. Then I also got their Translucent powder for 6,15 €. It’s a white powder to fix your makeup and it doesn’t change the color of your foundation. This reminds me that I bought another loose powder also this week, the new Lumene loose mineral powder. Oops, how did that slip my mind so quickly. I did hide it in the back of my makeup closet like I would like it to be erased.

Then I came across this very pleasing bargain! Take a look at this. I’ve been lemming for Clinique’s All About Eyes gel for some time now but wasn’t ready to pay so much for it. But I found it in a set that consist 7 ml (0,21 oz.) jar of All About Eyes, 15 ml (0,5 oz.) Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector and the 7 Day Scrub 30 ml (1 oz.) All this for 16,90 € at my local Sokos (a Finnish retailer of selective cosmetics). No that’s what I’d call a bargain! I’ve also been looking for something to even my skin tone and to help with my first signs of ageing (yes, the dark spots). I’ve found that my skin has started to lose its radiant tone and the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is something I hope is going to help. I don’t spend any time sunbathing and always wear sun block to protect my very pale skin, but I guess you can’t help it. The normal size bottle of Even Better serum is way too expensive, but at this price I had to take it. I’m also looking forward to trying the 7 Day Scrub. I have the Clinique scrub for oily skin and it has made wonders, but I think they have discontinued it. What a shame. But I’ll be writing a review on both these scrubs later. Anyway, I’m very pleased that I found this. And yes, I had to take two. It would have been total sillyness to leave it there! I still have room in my closet…

Then I also got Lumene’s Bright Skin Radiance Serum. I got this actually before I found those Clinique bags, but I think I didn’t waste my money. I got this because my skin needs something like this right now. It was 19,95 € but I got a very nice discount.

I also picked up Isadora’s Inliner Kajal in shade 56 Blondie. This one will brighten up my eyes when applied to the lower waterline. This one I actually needed! Believe you me.

No, I didn’t stop there! I entered my favorite store in this city, Kicks. It is all cosmetics retailer and I love it! My wish list wasn’t anywhere near ending so I ended up buying there soft powder applicators and their face buffer. Looking forward trying that! Actually I intended to by the one from The Body Shop but this one was cheaper so I took it. I also got the Depend acetone-free nail polish remover, I hear it is the best so I have to give it a try.

That was about it, surely I got some clothes too and some accessories for the fall. I bought some basic cardigans, tops and t-shirts that will pretty much take me through the fall and early winter when I mix and match them. The day offs are costing me so much! But lucky me, it’s work day tomorrow again.

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