Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: Make Up Store Blush Must Have

I wanted to show you one of the sweetest blushes in my makeup closet, Make Up Store’s blush in Must Have.

It's absolutely adorable, a lovely soft but at the same time bright color for everyday use. The very first time I saw this in Make Up Store's limited edition collection (released in this spring) at my local Make Up Store counter I had to have it, like right away. And I did.

For those in the countries that don’t have Make Up Store, it's a Swedish makeup brand with relatively high quality products. It's used by many professionals and sold in over 20 countries. The colors are very pigmented and the most thing I like about this brand is that all the product are free of fragrance. MUS is not the cheapest, the price range is somewhere around MAC's, at least in Finland.

Ok, moving on to this pretty one! This blush is very much a summery, peachy coral color, you can say. It has a slight orangy tone to it on my cheeks. This blush is SO pigmented! The consistency is very soft, it applies on so smoothly and it has no shimmer. You can easily overdone this, and usually I, oh well, leave the house wearing this blush overdone. As usual. I love everything about this blush. Over and over again I reach for this in my makeup closet and just want to look at it and swatch it on my hand. Ah, there’s nothing like love at first sight, and this has lasted the whole spring and summer! It’s a keeper, I’d say.

Swatch comparison: on the left MUS Must have, on the right NYX Powder Blush Pinky

There is a one but. This color doesn’t match my skin tone…like at all. I’m so upset. My skin tone is very pale and cool colors suit me way better than warm peachy colors. I don’t want to remember this when I’m shopping and going crazy over pretty blush colors. I hate it when this happens (and it does happen more often than I would like to confess). I guess the search for the perfect blush didn’t end with Must Have.

Thanks for reading!


  1. God I really really love the MUS blush!
    I have warm under tone and peachy blushes suit me really good.
    I have Nyx Pinky blush and although I love the doesn't look so good on me :(

  2. I would love to buy this blush from you :o)

    1. Hi Josephine :) This was limited edition, so I'm not going to let it go, it's just too pretty. It's not the perfect match for me but I wear it anyways, that's how much I like it :)